– Graphic Design –
– Art Direction –

The Northwest African American Museum contacted me to create promotional materials for a Daniel Minter exhibit. I chose to use one of the most striking of his pieces as the main graphic element, photographed and post processed it. I chose a typeface with origins in wood-carved type and used a deep red as a passionate contrast to the black and white linoleum cut print. I worked with an outside vendor to cut the title type from vinyl and installed it in the entrance. I also mapped the entire space, laying out the actual framed prints and linoleum blocks in an organized and consistent manner, giving the installer direction and measurements to work from. The quote below appears on the mailer and card and describes more of the show.

“Daniel Minter: Carvings reveals the tactile method employed to resurface histories and folklore of the Black Diaspora. Painter, sculptor and illustrator Daniel Minter uses cultural iconography to represent the rich and complex heritage of the Black American South, which he connects to broader rituals and traditions present within the African Diaspora.

The exhibition hosts a collection of painted woodcarvings and linoleum block prints from numerous children’s books illustrated by Minter. It explores Minter’s process, which begins with meticulously carving images into wooden blocks and concludes with colorful productions of the image. Daniel Minter: Carvings illuminates the importance and necessity of uncovering cultural icons and symbols from the African Diaspora to build an archive we can access for generations.”

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Map of exhibit space