From Defacement to a Dream: Building Community
– Graphic Design –
– Photo Composite –

The 2015 theme for Shoreline Community College’s Multicultural Week, From Defacement to a Dream: Building Community, calls attention to the ways in which oppression and injustice have manifested in our campus community; most recently through repeated acts of defacement. It asks the questions – Who are the community members harmed by these acts? How does our campus community respond to these actions? From Defacement to a Dream: Building Community articulates the need to understand, build and foster the interconnectedness and sense of belonging needed to create a socially just and equitable campus. Right here, right now.

I created the event’s focal image by compositing eight different faces, as well as several scans of torn paper. I was responsible for creating a series of posters, banners, and digital screens that spoke to the diversity and resilience of the campus.