from Margin to Center
– Graphic Design –
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From Margin to Center is a multi-quarter Shoreline Community College project aiming to bring exposure and foster discussion surrounding issues that groups of people marginalized by modern society experience every day, both on and off campus.

“Oftentimes the stories, contributions, and histories of people of color or LGBTQ communities, are either invisible or entirely erased. So the goal of this is to create a space for visibility and share what’s often left out of dominant discussion.”     – Rezina Habtemariam, Director of Student Life

Besides representing the topics at hand, I wanted to express an air of positivity with my design. I want the children of the future to wish upon dandelion seeds; to not worry about their general safety nor their position in society. Until we as a nation succeed in this, the margin intensifies.

For this brochure/poster design, we demanded an attention to these aforementioned issues while producing something that would be displayed as wall art.

For the second year of from Margin to Center, we doubled the programming and events which meant the poster/brochure must act like a calendar, spanning several months and pages. Throughout the design I wanted to maintain the theme of centering positive change for the future. While maintaining much of the design continuity from the first series, I brought fresh contrast to the graphics and type treatment, producing a 6 page schedule, daily fliers, and digital ads.



is the culmination and celebration of Shoreline Community College’s engagement of Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories From Social Justice Movements. Throughout this school year, the Community Read created spaces for students to write themselves, their critiques, and their dreams into the future. disrupt reflects our collective exploration of radical social change and centers artwork produced by students.

Besides designing the type treatment for the title and several Octavia Butler quotes for the space, I cut and installed the vinyl myself. I also laid out a 32 page zine of student poetry and designed digital slides walking the viewer through several other poems. These digital signs would stay up for months as well as the gallery space.

title vinyl on gallery space

poetry & prose zine takeaway to accompany visual art

Design of rotating digital screens reading poetry.